Get Your Art Fix At Home: The Best Art Movies on Netflix

If there’s one thing we should be grateful for in these dark times, it’s that this isn’t happening in a time when we only had three TV channels (or worse, no TV at all). If you’re anything like us, you’ve been spending the last few weeks getting even better acquainted with your Netflix account. And with almost anything you can think of available for you to watch with just a few clicks, it is, all in all, a pretty good time to be stuck at home.

A woman reading by the Seine in Paris

Our Top 9 Books About Paris to Read if You’re Stuck At Home

There’s nothing quite like a stroll along the Seine, a picnic in the shade of the Eiffel Tower, or a museum treasure hunting romp through the Louvre (we think so anyway). But here’s the next best thing: our favourite books about Paris to read while you can’t get there.

Guess That Museum: Famous Museums Featured in Films and Music Videos

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THATKid Tuesday: Continuous Narrative!

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