Places in London that Feel Like You Have Escaped the City

Sometimes London feels a bit too big and you may want a break from all the madness from the city. Luckily, you don’t have to always travel far to feel like you’ve gotten away! Here is the list of my favorite places to go when I feel that I want to take a breather from the business and vastness of wonderful London.

Holland Park:

Holland Park is a real treat, a place that has an atmosphere unlike any other.  With multiple different themed gardens inspired by countries around the world, you can find your fancy in at least one of these gardens!

Kyoto Garden
Kyoto gardens at Holland Park

Kyoto gardens present a tranquil area in which you can relax on a bench, watching the carp swim along in the pond while listening to the calming waterfall.  Or you could head over to the Dutch gardens and enjoy the bright tulips, organized in beautiful patterns.  Who would have thought that this would all be present within the city? Whatever sort of atmosphere you are looking for, I am sure you can find it somewhere in Holland Park!

The British Museum:

The British Museum has so much culture and history under its great glass tile roof, one could get lost and forget where they are.  The museum is also known as the “World Museum”. This is because there are so many different archaeological artifacts from around the world, from Aboriginal Australia, to China, to Canada. Thus, there’s so much to see and learn.  You can get lost in all the history that you forget you’re in the present!

Millennium Bridge

Now, you may recognize this bridge from a Harry Potter film, but this bridge is still just as great and camera-worthy in real life!  Walk along the river Thames and take in the beautiful sights of central London. You will be snapping pictures that will make all of your friends and family jealous.  The steel suspension footbridge was built as part of the UK’s millennium celebrations.  Check out the famous “wobbly bridge” and see views of the London skyline that almost seem distant although in the middle of the city.  You will feel as if you are in a movie while on this movie star bridge.

Millennium Bridge, City of London
View above Millennium Bridge

Victoria and Albert Museum:

Much like the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum is not only a museum filled with many different amazing artifacts and cultural pieces. The building itself is stunning!  You can enjoy both the wonderful exterior of the building, with the grand red brick and perfect arches. There is also the sophisticated, bright interior that helps to showcase all the artifacts. 

No matter what mood you are looking for, you can get it just right with all of the different exhibits.  The V&A have many classic European sculptures, but also different works from all over Asia. You can once again get lost in history when at this museum.

Neal’s Yard:

If you would like a pop of color, you absolutely need to check out Neal’s Yard!  Tucked into an ally way near seven dials, this colorful getaway is the perfect place to get that fun atmosphere.  It is one of the most vibrant areas that you can find in central London. With such fun colors, what better place to hang out?  This colorful escape makes you forget about the hustle and bustle of the city that is just steps away.

Neal's Yard

Hampstead Heath:

Hampstead’s protected wild park is a wonderful grassy public space that you can just go and relax on.  It is located in Northern London and consists of 320 hectares of land, including many different biking and hiking trails.  The view of the Central London from the park is phenomenal.  With the wooded areas and meadows surrounding you, you will forget that you are a short tube ride from the main part of the city. 

Kynance Mews:

Yet another South Kensington gem, Kynance Mews is a beautiful picture spot in the spring and summer that isn’t extremely popular.  You can always go to a park to see blooming flowers, but at Kynance Mews, you get to experience wonderful cobblestone streets, traditional architecture, all enhanced by various flowers and trees.  It is a quaint area that is the perfect spot for some fun and springy photos that feel far gone from the touristy areas.

A walkway on Kynance Mews

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