Booking FAQs

What is the difference between Express and Catered Booking?

Express Booking is quicker and cheaper as it involves no back and forth with our staff.
It allows you to book only our most popular treasure hunt at each museum at a set time, on a date of your choice.
All Express Bookings may be booked in at the same time as another family, called 'Friendly Competition' but there is no requirement to play with them.
Express Bookings are non-refundable and cannot be changed after booking.

Catered Booking is for if you’d like to chat to our staff to personalize any part of your treasure hunt. Select any time, theme or duration. Add a personal prize-giving with a THATMuse greeter after you hunt with a Luxe Hunt.

Can I be guided around the museum?

No. We do not provide guided tours. Our greeters will introduce you to the museum and certain treasures as they explain how to play, but they cannot guide you around. Our treasure hunts are designed to help you explore and discover the museums yourself.

What is 'Friendly Competition'?

Two family bookings may start at the same time. You will be greeted together and the museum and treasure hunt will be explained. Before you start hunting you can then agree to ‘Friendly Competition’ with the other family and meet back at an agreed deadline to compare scores and decide the winner, or part ways and play for as long as you like, however you like.  There is no requirement to interact with another family but many international friendships have begun this way!

Will strikes/transport issues/weather etc affect my treasure hunt?

No. As long as the Museum is open, your treasure hunt will go ahead.
We are unaffiliated with the museums however and do not have any more prior warning about closures than the general public.

Is there a skip the line ticket?

No. There is no skip the line ticket at any of our museums.
For the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay getting tickets from their own website will get you the fastest possible entry to the museum.
London museums are free and non ticketed. The only way to skip the queue is to buy individual annual membership to the museum for each treasure hunter.

For what time should I purchase my Louvre/Orsay tickets?

We recommend you book your tickets for 30 minutes after your start time. This allows time for you to meet your THATMuse greeter who will explain how the hunt works, then lead you through security. The best and cheapest place to get your Louvre entry tickets is at the official Louvre site

What happens at the end of the Treasure Hunt?

After an Express or Classic Catered Booking you will not be met by your THATMuse greeter. You will have been given a sealed envelope containing the answers and a small prize for the winners. This is to allow you to treasure hunt for as long as you want.

Can I swap between Catered and Express Booking?

If you have begun the Catered Booking process by speaking to one of our staff, you cannot swap over to the Express Booking option. Similarly Express Bookings cannot be changed or altered.

Answered your questions? If not Contact us.
By booking you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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