Book a London Family Hunt

Here is the easiest place to book a London Family Hunt, for groups of 6 or under at the British Museum, Natural History Museum, or V&A (Larger family groups can book here).
Simply select one of most popular Classic Hunts, a date and time and you’re ready to go!

  • We will email your meeting point, rules and tools, which you can also see here for the British Museum, Natural History Museum, or V&A
  • You may have some ‘Friendly Competition’ if another family books for the same time. You will be met together for the introduction, but it’s up to you if you want to regroup at the end. Compete one family against another, or just yourselves against the clock! 
  • Please note: For the Classic Hunt we do not meet you at the end of your hunt, but provide the all-important answer sheet in a sealed envelope, not to be opened till teams have re-grouped! This allows you flexibility of how long you play! If you prefer a more catered Luxe Hunt, please contact us.

If your desired time, date, theme or number of players is not available here, please use this form.

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