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The Team

Daisy de Plume (Founder & Creative Director)
Hailing from NY’s West Village, Daisy de Plume moved to Paris in 2004. As the daughter of an art historian, the Metropolitan Museum of Art was a second home to Daisy as a kid. To keep her focused – and quiet! – Daisy’s mother created games with art, some of which had monetary incentives. Blending such aesthetical hoverings with entrepreneurial reward planted the seed of THATLou (Treasure Hunts At The Louvre) early on. With a degree in art history and a past in print publishing (Vanity Fair, Condé Nast Traveler), writing up the treasure of the Louvre and injecting a bit of light-hearted interaction with the camera was a logical next step. Daisy created THATLou in 2012 to share her passion for art and her unique approach toward making the museum experience fun and accessible to all. Daisy didn’t foresee an Impressionist development across the Seine (THATd’Or was originally commissioned by the American Friends of the Musée d’Orsay) or the eventual London expansion across the Channel (The British Museum commissioned the first THATBrit for one of their Friday Lates). Thus rolling all the THATs into THATMuse, standing for Treasure Hunt at the Museum. Daisy met her Argentine husband and business partner, Hernan, in Paris where they had their two culturally-confused, trilingual boys, Storsh and Brooksie, in 2010 and 2015.

Hernan Souto (CEO)

Trained to be skeptical (a lawyer), Hernan Souto was initially doubtful of his overly-enthusiastic, ever-optimistic American wife’s business idea (the fact that there wasn’t an actual “business plan” was a sign), but ended up getting roped into THAT whole affair. First he cleaned up the THATLou books (what books?!?) as a favor, then as a one-off he translated a hunt (a native of Buenos Aires, he’s fluent in Spanish, French, English and Italian); eventually Hernan joined his wife full time, when in 2014 they got a 150-person (American teenagers) commission to build THATRue in the Latin Quarter. Reluctant to get involved in content work, his facility for languages sometimes drags him back: He also built THATRue Marais for another 100 teenagers (this time Venezuelan) with Daisy and Storsh trailing after to inject a bit of silliness. Content aside, Hernan predominately remains the CEO and man-behind-the-scenes of THATMuse, Ltd. ensuring that the company runs smoothly in both Paris and London – and that we have numbers in those books!

Annie Caley-Renn (Head of French Operations)

THATMuse’s British contingent, Annie swapped her home of Yorkshire in the North of England for Paris in 2012, to study French at the University of London Institute in Paris. Just before graduating, Annie was excited to join THAT team in 2015 as a THATLou Rep. After learning the ins and the outs of the Louvre over the next two years, she popped home to England to get married, and was thrilled to return to Paris (non-French speaking husband in tow) and take the helm as Head of French Operations. A self-proclaimed bookworm, Annie consumes books by the dozen. In 2018, Annie was overjoyed to combine her two greatest loves, by creating THATMuse Harry Potter, a Harry Potter-themed hunt in the streets of Paris! Thanks to this hunt and all of her treasure-hunting verve she'll always be seminal to THATMuse. Annie has since taken a long-term, long-planned sabbatical, for a globe-trotting life & trip around the world with her husband. You can follow her travels or hire her as a freelance writer on her blog, Annie Caley-Renn.  


Bryan Pirolli (THATNat Creator)

Bryan is a journalist and academic who has been working in travel ever since his first internship at Condé Nast Traveler in New York. Since then, he has contributed to Time Out Paris and CNN as well as various travel guides while living in Paris. He has also given countless guided tours with various companies while completing his PhD at the Sorbonne. When he moved to London, he and Daisy hatched a plan for THATNat after Bryan casually mentioned an obsession with dinosaurs and all things related to natural history. The collaboration was a way to blend his research and tourism experience with the creatures beloved from his childhood. And his adolescence. And, well, his adulthood, too. He never misses a history museum when traveling, but the Natural History Museum in London is one of the world’s best, in Bryan’s humble opinion. He is excited that THATMuse has embraced this Temple to Nature – after all, Mother Nature is a fairly competent artist, right up there with Monet and Caravaggio, right?

Raelene (Musée d'Orsay Consultant)
Originally from Down Under, Raelene has a degree in fine arts and environmental science, and a background working for the Australian Government. In 2002, a posting at the Australian Embassy realised her dream of living in the City of Light. The spell cast, it wasn’t long after returning home that Raelene was packing her bags to return, and she has now spent most of the past 10 years in Paris! Raelene discovered THATLou in 2013 while searching for a special way to celebrate her husband’s birthday. She quickly commissioned Daisy to create a customised hunt just for him, and was thrilled to recognise a kindred spirit. It wasn’t long before Raelene began working with Daisy, organising THATd’Or hunts at the Musée d’Orsay. When not in Paris, Raelene can be found daubing her own ’masterpieces’ in her beachside studio south of Sydney.

Barbara (Graphics Consultant)
Barbara Brink has been an (Australian-Swiss-Brit) expat in Paris for more than 20 years. Multi-talented & wearing many a chapeau, Barbara is the director of an award-winning architectural practice Morrison Brink Stonor Architects, as well as consulting at UNESCO, and teaching at Paris’s LISAA school of Interior Design and Architecture. Lucky for us she bikes up, down and around town, because she also keeps a stunning photographic blog called BBONTHEBRINK: Paris, a Visual Feast. You can see Paris through the lens of her eye on this website (the night scene au Louvre is particularly lovely). Barbara designed THATLou’s Kid Pack as well as being our graphic consultant over the development of THATMuse.