THATMuse Harry Potter starts in front of the Mairie (town hall) of Paris’ 1st Arrondissement and ends in front of Notre Dame Cathedral. The hunt provides clear, simple directions leading you from one piece of treasure to the next. Within the hunt, each question has a space for you to write or select an answer, and the points for each question are clearly marked. Questions range from 10 points (easy) to 100 points (hard – either requiring specific Harry Potter knowledge, or a bit of brainpower!). Occasionally, if a question requires very specific knowledge, you may be offered a half-score for an easier question. The hunt also requests “THATMuse Points” – fun photo & video challenges, linking Paris to the world of Harry Potter, so please be sure each team has a camera/phone with its battery fully charged. THATMuse Points count towards your score, but we’d also be overjoyed to see them if you choose to share (you can tag us on Instagram or twitter @THAT_Muse_, post to or hashtag #THATMuse. You can walk between the starting & ending points, the Louvre & Notre Dame, in 20 minutes, but to complete the hunt it typically takes between 90 minutes – 2 hours (which is your time limit).