Automated Booking

Want to book a classic hunt without all of the fuss of having to email us? Using the below form, you can! (psst…it’s also cheaper!) Simply input your information, select a day, and meet us at the Louvre! Currently we’re only offering hunts at the Louvre under the Beauty + the Bestiary theme. Team size must be between 3-5 people (as per Louvre legislation team size cannot exceed 5. Although if you’re a party of 6 or up, you can split into smaller groups and book separately for the same date/time slot!).

This booking does not include tickets to the Louvre (kids under 18 enter free & do not need a ticket). You can buy tickets to the Louvre directly from their website here. Only adults (18+) need to buy tickets to the Louvre.

Please note this is for the whole family, the Louvre (measured 8 miles in length if stretched out!) is too large to let children hunt unaccompanied. Groups booking this feature must be either 3, 4, or 5 people. If your group is smaller or larger, you can use the request to book a hunt here or contact us.

As a part of our Classic Louvre hunt, you will not be met after the hunt. We’ll meet you outside the main Pyramid entry to the Louvre, provide a brief history of the three wings, navigate entry, and then set you up for your hunt (including sealed envelopes not to be opened till the end!) for museum glory!

Automated bookings are meant for families who’d like “Friendly Competition” (to play against another like-minded family, not with but against). This social element isn’t guaranteed, nor does it cost more or less. If you prefer to create your own inner-family competition or have the clock and museum as your challenge, then please request a booking or contact us.

Please be on time for the booking slot you choose. If you’re late by more than 20 minutes, your appointment will automatically be cancelled and no refund will be given.

Prices are in British pounds (£) instead of the euro (€) as we are a British company.

More time slots are available! If you’d like to ask about these time slots (available throughout the day when the museum is open) or skip friendly competition, please submit a request here. The cost for those bookings is slightly higher.

Note: These hunts are non-refundable.