Focusing my Lens on the Louvre

Ok, with a title like that I should really be writing up the Louvre’s satellite branch in Lens (which, by the way, can you believe that Delacroix’s Liberty Guiding the People painting was defaced with the “ae9/11” graffiti (in Lens)? Whether you like that painting or not – it is an inherent image of France, having been on the 100-Franc note before they switched to the Euro. Here’s the scoop from the Guardian, but apparently the painting’s not permanently damaged).

But parenthetical tangents aside, this “Focusing my Lens of the Louvre” post is part of a two part series comprised of photographs (taken by yours truly, Daisy de Plume, the founder of THATMuse) of the Louvre. Expect a sister photo set of the Musée d’Orsay later this year.

So without more blather, I’ll leave you with these images. 

Barbed Wire
Campana Galerie
View of Louvre

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