Food by the British Museum: The Perseverance

THE PERSEVERANCE is a rare free-of-house (independent) pub, located on the corner of Lamb’s Conduit and Great Ormond Street. It’s a good 15-minute walk from the BM, but has a pleasant upstairs and good solid fare. Plus supporting small businesses always feels right!

Address: 63 Lamb’s Conduit   WC1N 3NB
Phone: +44 (0)20 7405 8278
Directions: Exit the museum using the Great Russell Street exit and proceed up the stiars. Turn left on Great Russell Street and then continue straight onto Bloomsbury Square. Continue onto Bloomsbury Place and then Turn left onto Southampton Row/ A4200. Turn right onto Queen Square, turning left twice (walking around the park) to stay on the same road. Turn right onto Great Ormond Street, passing the hospital, then cross the street to turn right onto Lamb’s Conduit Street. This walk should take about 11 minutes.

The pub’s cozy interior, taken from TripAdvisor.
map from British Museum to the Perseverance

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