Food by the British Museum: The Bloomsbury Club

The Coral Room is a really fun section of the Bloomsbury Club!

THE BLOOMSBURY CLUB (a tiny hotel) Is a really pleasant hotel just down the road from the front entrance of the BM. It has an elegant high tea room in the lobby or wood-lined hipster lounge for cocktails in the lower level. Either setting hits it just right, but it’s pricy.
Address: 16-22 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3NN
Tel:  +44 20 7347 1000

Directions: Exit the museum using the Great Russell Street exit and approach Great Russell Street. When you get to Great Russell Street, turn right. Proceed down the street, eventually crossing Bedford Square. Continue down Great Russell Street and The Bloomsbury Club will be on your left. This walk should take about four minutes.

map from British Museum to The Bloomsbury Club

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