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Paris Streets

Paris Streets


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THATRue is reserved for groups of 12 people or more, unless ordering it as an "extra" add-on to your museum hunt.

We built it in 2014 for a 150-person commission (an Illinois high school orchestra), creating three distinct Latin Quarter routes all starting at France’s Senate (within the Jardin du Luxembourg) and ending at Fontaine St Michel. Though you can walk this distance in 20 minutes, one route takes 60 to 90 minutes to do, as you’re tasked with finding treasures such as the Grim Reaper in a verdant garden, Muses in fountains, not to mention the oldest tree in Paris (from 1601!). Our street hunt is flexible, so that you can send 70 hunters, using all 3 routes (as the Dutch Embassy did in 2016) or if your group is smaller or you want your team/party to last longer you can use 2 routes for a whole half-day of Paris competition! We also have 2 routes in the Marais, but this hunt only currently exists in Spanish for our South American market. 

Since THATRue is reserved for Corporate Hunts, Hen/Stag/Birthday Parties & School Groups, most THATRues have been customized to make the person of honor feel special! Apart from this we do offer THATRue as a supplement to our Museum Hunts (as seen on those pages), but unfortunately cannot sell it independently (again, unless it's an add-on to a museum hunt).



    en anglais et espagnol

    Saint Sulpice
    Baladez-vous dans le jardin du Luxembourg jusqu’à Saint Sulpice, enpassant éventuellement par les rues commerciales, où vous retournerez surement après votre chasse !

    Traversez la superbe entrée de la Sorbonne, jetez un œil au Musée National du Moyen-Âge de Cluny et découvrez les crânes dans le jardin verdoyant de l’école de médecine.

    Après avoir visité le Panthéon, vous verrez des murs du roi Philippe Auguste datant du XIIème siècle, puis vous vous rendrez à la fontaine Wallace, près de la fameuse librairie Shakespeare & Co.


    (en espagnol pour le moment) 

    L’itinéraire de l’église
    Après avoir chassé dans le jardin du Palais Sully datant du XVIIème siècle, vous vous promènerez dans le quartier baroque de Saint Paul, puis le long de la rue de Rivoli, jusqu’à arriver à l’église Saint Eustache, symbole de la Renaissance.  

    L’itinéraire du musée
    En plus des parcs, passages et fontaines, vous verrez le splendide jardin du Musée Carnavalet et chercherez la façade du Musée Picasso, avant de passer par les archives.


    Offered in English

    THATMuse Harry Potter is our newest street hunt, with one key difference: it’s inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series! Drawing links between Paris & the magical world of the Harry Potter books (& films) this THATRue takes hunters on a 2 hour wander, beginning in the Louvre’s Cour Carrée, and ending in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral. As it starts in the neighbourhood of the Louvre, you’re welcome to do it directly after your THATLou, or to come back another day. Although the THATMuse Harry Potter is designed to be inclusive, so that Potterheads and casual fans alike can play (with questions ranging in points and geared to different levels of fandom), please note that at least some basic knowledge of the series is required to be able to answer questions.


For a quote, please contact us with your group size, which THATRue you'd like, customized or not, your time line (if you’d like one route or two), etc

Informations supplémentaires


Jardin du Luxembourg

Within the Jardin du Luxembourg, we meet facing the Palais du Luxembourg (the Senate) with the boat pond behind you. Google coordinates are here
End point: Fontaine St Michel

Odéon (lines 4 & 10) Mabillon (line 10), St Sulpice (line 4) 
Luxembourg-Sénat Station (RER B)   

Bus Lines 
(from all sides of the park) 
21, 27, 38, 58, 82, 83, 84, 85, 89   

The Louvre's Cour Carree central fountain (Google Coordinates are here)
End point: Notre Dame

The equestrian statue of Louis XIII, in the center of Place des Vosges (Google Coordinates are here)
End point: Hotel de Ville

Bastille (lines 1, 5 and 8) Chemin Vert (line 8)   

Bus Lines
29, 69, 76, 96, Balabus   

Hours we recommend 
Depends on your timeline, but we recommend a 10 am start time (to tally scores over lunch) or a 2 pm start time (to tally scores over a drink). We discuss your timeline prior to the hunt, and can offer to make reservations, although can’t offer to pick up the bar bill. If you’re short on time we can tally scores after you’re through and email you results within the hour.