A Hunter's Theme

Dear Friends of THATMuse,

Just a quick note. For the next two weeks El Argentino, STORSH and I are going on a little adventure. First to good old ‘Stamboul for a wonderful dose of Byzantium, and then, if we muster the nerve (we’ll see how easy travelling with an energetic toddler is)  winding our way down the Aegean coast, ideally zigzagging our way between the Greek Islands and the Greek and Roman ruin-sprinkled Turkish coast. All this to say the posts of the next few weeks will have a slightly un-Louvre taste to them. Two series are scheduled to run — one meant to be a bureaucratic farce contemplating a Comparison of Consulates (whilst getting STORSH’s two passports) and the other a 3-part piece on the Grand Palais. Apologies for this diversion from all things Louvre, all things art, all things THATMuse. Perhaps a welcomed change for you – who knows.

As a quick adieu, below are a list of the themes of THATLous that I’ve built since the first Blogger’s hunt on 23 March. If you have suggestions for common themes in western art, please do send them my way. If I make a hunt you’ve suggested you’ll get a free ticket to THATLou!

So here are the themes: Angels and Wings? Just think of adorable little putti prancing about. Fish and Water? Perhaps a few 17th century Dutch still lifes are in there. Power and Money? Give me busts of glory! Perhaps from the Roman Empire? You get the idea. For now, all of the below hunts are in English, sauf! Wheels and Motion, which is thus far our only French hunt (to which I have a fast-moving Italian to thank).

Angel + Wings

Fish + Water

Power + Money

Food + Wine

Ladies at the Louvre

Animals in Art

Wheels + Motion (offered in French)

For private parties I design specific hunts, working with the client on which theme is both achievable within the museum, as well as what would suit the guest of honour most. For example, if it’s a birthday party and the boy’s name is Sebastian, we could have a theme of St. Sebastian paintings, sculptures, icons, and arrows in art. Happy May!