Show Me The Money!

Just a quick round up of the Power + Money THATLou. A good time was had by all, and quite appropriately a new dimension to THATMuse was created by the Entrepreneurs brainstorming at  table: the THATLou Dollar!

A whole menu of THATLou Dollars will be listed imminently, but the general idea is that if you press ‘like’ or tag a photo on Facebook, write a review on Trip Advisor, tell a friend — who then befriends THATLou and attends the next one (which happens to be Sunday 6 May) you’ll earn THATLou$s. They work like frequent flyer miles and a special thanks to Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet, founder of for such a clever idea.

Below are some snaps of the teams as they touched down, as well as the two teams who won Louvre Napoleon paraphernalia (where he was short on height he was certainly tall on power, ooh là là!).

THATLou Entrepreneur's Networking Event

Team Blonde Ambition, ParisGuide Squared, Jo Craig + Lisa Rankin representing Guide2Paris + Flavors of Paris, respectively

Team Savoir Faire Paris, Tess Bovee, Maranda Stappenbeck and founder, Sasha Levenson-Wahl

Team French Mystique Tours, Bruce and Veronique McAleer

Team Shiraly, Raphael d'Aligny + Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet

As for the winners, please join me in congratulating in their record-breaking WIN. It is record breaking for many reasons:

–       Sasha Levenson Wahl is the first THATLou player to be a two-time winner (yes, others have played more than once!)

–       The Savoir Faire Paris team beat the record with the amount they racked up – finishing with a score of 635 out of 1000!

–       They are also the first team I’ve ever caught separated – debiting points, as per the instructions! It all happened between Livia and Tiberius, and for some reason I found this hilarious. I went to St Stephen’s School, an international boarding school in Rome for a year. There was a great (but fierce & appropriately frightening) head of boarding named Gilly Halfpenny and when Miss Halfpenny caught us smoking out our windows or in one another’s rooms after hours, the heart-stopping panic of how many demerits we were about to be pounded with is exactly the look on Tess, Maranda and Sasha’s faces. Too funny, making me love THATLou and this fine competitive SFP team even more.

Then the most important point of pride for this win really falls to Sasha Levenson-Wahl. Each THATLou has a few pieces of art that are worth considerably more than the others, because they have been written about on this blog (none are sufficient to win the hunt with alone). They always have bonus questions embedded in the text of the description, whose answers have been written about here, on the blog. Sasha read the instructions (disseminated to players usually a day or two before the hunts) carefully the first THATLou she attended (Poisson d’Avril) and as a result did her homework and won the prize. Running into the girls in the Julio-Claudian Roman bust section was even more rewarding for me, because Sasha was swearing about not remembering the name of Messalina, the Empress who slept with 25 men in a 24-hour period. Eventually the name came to her for which they won an extra 50 bonus points. I enjoy designing THATLous for many reasons, but an audience like Sasha, who leaves with this entirely useless piece of trivia about the 3rd wife of Emperor Claudius tops the list. That she, too, can laugh about what I find such fun/funny/ interesting/ notable in the museum pleases no end. So a big thank you to the SFP team for winning the Napoleon coasters seen below.

Winning Team! Savoir Faire Paris, Tess Bovee, Sasha Levenson-Wahl + Maranda Strappenbeck

A second Tweet prize went to Lisa Rankin, of and Jo Craig, of The day of the hunt this competition was announced, and indeed, by miles Flavors of Paris stole the Twitter prize with her clever updates as to donning flats over heels, and all the good cheer she was up ton in preparation for the big competition.  Both Lisa and her husband Michael Lutzmann, who run tours focussed on food in St Germain des Prés, have wonderful, fun, inventive tweets.  A hearty congratulations to both teams, and a toast to both Team Shiraly and Team French Mystique Tours.

Tweet Winners! Flavors of Paris and Guide2Paris, Lisa Rankin and Jo Craig