A Tweeted THATLou Bonanza

The Blogger’s THATLou was a resounding success. The theme was Angels and Wings, allowing the clever Blog-Hunters to spend their night, pre-cocktail, prancing about with plump putti, flying off as fast as Mercury with those wings on his heels.

Among the most famous pieces at the Louvre is the Winged Victory of Samothrace (190 BC), who stood proudly at the ship’s prow and now stands proudly at the top of the grand Daru staircase. Originally she had her arm raised, with her hand cupped at the edge of her lips calling out her victory (that hand is now at the Kunsthistorischemuseum in Vienna). The sanctuary at Samothrace was consecrated to the Cabeiri, gods of fertility whose help was invoked to protect seafarers and to grant victory in war. To be able to photograph this Hellenistic gem without others in the shot was a THATLou Victory, with a promise for a post in and of itself (with perhaps a bit more lingering on the actual sculpture). Bloggers snaps of this attempt (with some excellent successes) will follow.

During the hunt I should have taken more (and better!) photos, but I was off contemplating the THATLou prizes — which ended up being colorful Louvre notepads and pens, a joke on how the plume-holding muscles in all of our hands are atrophying, what with all of our blogging and twittering, texting and overall virtual existences.

For now just a few snaps of the most excellent night taken from Twitter. First prize went to Melanie Vaz and Thibault Devillers, the only 2-person team. Second prize, for the team who tweeted the most, went to Emma Bentley, Karin Bates Prescott, Alisa Morov and Rachel.

Alisa, Rachel and Emma walking (and whistling) like an Egyptian

A Sweet Pea Paris oatmeal cookie, presented handsomely on the THATLou point page in the halls of the Louvre

Rachel, Alisa and Karin forsaking THATLou points for a break and a slug of wine no doubt, which Emma Bentley smuggled in for the hunt

Touch Down, the last tweet of THATLou Twitter winners Rachel, Karin, Alisa (and Emma taking and tweeting the shot)

Kristen, Mary Kay and Sylvia's team came in a close second with both tweets and THATLou score. Here's one of Kristen's shots among a sea of sculpture

A lovely shot tweeted from Mary Kay, Sylvia and Kristen's team (taken by Kristen)

Apologies for the small format of the following team touchdown photos… A technological cretin, I evidently don’t know how to use my phone.

Kasia, Giorgio and Camilla

Mary Kay, Sylvia and Kristen

Annie, Edna, Jennifer and Sam

Opal Taylor, VBM and Vera Baker's team

Melanie Vaz and Thibault Devillers, the 52Martini winning team

Congrats to all for making it such a fun night — Especially to those who picked up the hefty bonus points for reading this blog.

Please let me know if you’d like to join any future hunts, or if you have any special visitors who would enjoy a private THATMuse.