A Blogger's THATLou

Well then, it does feel like an awfully long time since I’ve lingered on the Louvre, but I guess a week’s not so very long. This week I’ve been focusing on the Louvre from a different perspective – I’m very pleased to announce that this upcoming Friday, 23 March, we’re having our first blogger’s THATLou!

Kasia generously put me in touch with the blogging community in Paris and Forest Collins, of 52Martinis.com, is organizing the after-drinks where we’ll count up our score, have the THATLou prize-giving ceremony, and drink deconstructed martinis at her friend Christophe’s place, The Why bar, at 60, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001. 52Martinis — a blog, a meetup group, a lifestyle — is Forest’s very well written, edgy review of various cocktail bars around the city which she and her crew scout out each Wednesday. Needless to say, I am pleased as punch to be co-hosting this THATLou with Kasia and Forest.

Without naming names of bloggers (as not everyone likes their nom de plumes unveiled!),  the following will partake in the fierce competition of this Friday’s THATLou:







And from this foray into the blogger’s THATLou two more THATLous have sprouted: a Kid’s Treasure Hunt, and a Parisian Entrepreneur’s THATLou.

So yes, I look forward to returning to focusing on the Louvre from a content point of view, but for the moment I’m happily out on the THATLou trail…. Let the games begin!