THATLou Logo: Provenance Kasia Dietz

photo by Johann Guetta, of Jet Set Productions

This blog wouldn’t exist were it not for the encouragement of Kasia Dietz.  We were walking back from Gare du Nord, having seen off our friend Saad Iqbal. Saad had dropped by to see us for a long weekend to say hello before he toddled back out into the world, off to pick up his beautiful Columbian fiancee in London so they could have their multi-city weddings. I was telling Kasia about my treasure hunt endeavour when she suggested I start a blog about it. Doing what you love shines through, she said simply. She has that knack for making success seem seamless. Having moved here just three years ago to follow her now-husband, Kasia reinvented herself entirely. Leaving a successful career in advertising behind in NY, she came here without a word of French under her belt, started her blog (, started Kasia Dietz Handbags (which within a year of starting the company were being sold at most haute of all department stores, Bon Marche), and boom within such a short span of time has been a super success, and super source of inspiration to those lucky enough to be near her.

So when Kasia started her bag-painting workshops at the Sugarplum Cake cafe last December I was among the first to sign up. After hearing great tales of the full pack of cigarettes her non-smoking lungs inhale when she goes to her material supplier’s in the Sentier, I wanted to see what she did. Not to mention to take a stab at making a THATLou logo — I don’t have a creative bone in my body, but I also don’t have a platform in which to try exercising my non-creative bones, so here was the perfect solution. What better place to do some logo-brainstorming than hyped-up on a delicious sugar high? You don’t just get the joy of creating your own wearable art at the Kasia Dietz workshop, you also reap the benefits of her carefully chosen workshop venue, the Sugarplum Cake cafe, (an adorable pastry shop in the 5th Arrt)?

Below are snaps from both that first bag-painting session, where the THATLou logo was born (which Marfa artist and high school friend Sam Schonzeit made into the proper logo. For a while we were calling it ‘clean, fat and green’ for the roundness of the Lou vowels), as well as the fruits of my most recent attempt to imprint my Louvre stamp on the Met, in the THATMet bag.

photo by Opal Taylor, Kasia's Brooklyn bag is among my faves

photo by Johann Guetta from Jet Set Productions, Stephanie (of La Belle in France) to the left, Kasia standing

photo by Opal Taylor, Kasia serving Sugarplum Cake's delicious carrot cake

Where will the "Nat" for a THATNat (NG in London) go for the next round?

None of this, not the bags, nor the logos, nor the blog would have come about without one clever New Yorker, Kasia Dietz. Thank you, my darling!