Public THATBrit Rules & Tools

THATMuse stands for Treasure Hunt At The Museum

MEETING POINT (2nd Friday of the month at 5:30 pm)

Your first task will be to find our meeting point within the British Museum’s Great Court lobby. If entering the museum from the main entrance on Great Russell St, the circular Information Desk is to the right (within the Great Court); we’ll meet behind the Info Desk, at the Roman equestrian prince statue (photo herewith). Your THATBrit Rep, Daisy, has brown hair & will have a white canvas THATMuse tote. Daisy’s mobile is 07921 589912 (on WhatsApp, too).

Please be sure to have freshly charged batteries in your phone or camera. Please visit the cloak room &/or toilet before our 5:30 (sharp) meeting time.

Your THATMuse Mission: Photo your team in front of as many pieces of THATBrit Treasures as possible within the given amount of time (90 mins to 2 hrs) With each treasure photo you’ll earn 20 game points (about 500 game points), however, with careful reading you could pick more than 1000 bonus THATMuse points & Letter Scramble spelling out your prize treasure with THATMuse Letters embedded in the text! We’ve intentionally provided more treasure text & fun than you could read about within the given time in the hope that you’ll want to return or extend your visit (& to ensure strategy!)
THATMuse is entirely independent of the British Museum as such, we unfortunately have no control of rooms they close off (which changes within the day)

RULES: (in addition to photographing your team in front of as many pieces of treasure as possible)

Teams must stay together at all times, must not run, jump or shout

2) No external help… If seen speaking to a tourist-in-the-know or BM staff you’re automatically eliminated; Likewise, no googling the Mesopotamians, no GPS-ing where the Greeks are, or anything other than your hunt & map… No phoning your Egyptologist Aunt for help, either!

3) Please be sure you have one (1) Master Copy with all the answers and only use one (1) camera/phone (to facilitate score tallying). In respect to Museum policy please mute your phones & no flash photography

4) Must meet back at starting point (X on your map) at the precise time agreed. Each minute late merits 5 negative points, per minute (!!) There are sometimes strategical reasons to be late, but attention (!!): if you’re more than 10 mins late you’re ousted!

For small doses of Museum/Art Trivia, tune in (share or contribute your own!) to our twice daily Twitter (@THAT_Muse_) and FB page #THATMuseFacts campaign! Or just #THATMuse for your hunting snaps!

Public Hunts (15£/adults, 12£/students,10£/kids from 5–13 yrs): 2nd Friday of the month at 5:30 pm (space limited)
Classic Hunts (75£/up to 6 people): by appt, friendly competition offered, pls note you’re not met at the end of your hunt
Luxe Hunts (275£/3 hours): by appt, includes score-tallying at a nearby café or pub & light-hearted prize-giving ceremony