THATLou Roundup (+ Limericks!)

Poisson d’Avril’s THATLou fishermen
Poisson d’Avril’s THATLou fishermen, counting their score

One couldn’t win a THATLou exclusively on bonus points, but it’s the bonus points which make the hunt so much more entertaining. Some questions quiz you on your knowledge of Paris, for others it’s a physical challenge like being able to photograph all four corners of an enormous canvas (your team in the foreground of course). Usually it’s a matter of finding a work by the same artist or palace nearby that may have been profiled in these pages. But recently the limerick and rhyme-on-the-go has made an appearance in the bonus points. Herewith I would like to post two recent little ditties, with a bit of context as to Milo of Croton (a version by Puget as well as one in fighting supine position by Falconet) to follow in the days to come:

The winners of THATLou Kids yesterday was Team Perfectly Sweet Paris, comprised of three lovely brunette Sweet Peas aged 8 – 14 (Yasmin, Margot and Maïa) and their mothers, Gail, of Perfectly Paris, and Alisa, of Sweet Pea. They were also well ahead of the other teams of kid-parent teams in part due to the following limerick, a bonus request embedded in the text of both Puget and Falconet’s sculptures of Milo of Croton:

There once was a fellow named Milo
Who wanted to live in a Silo
But as Croton had said, “You are out of your head,
And you may as well live in a pastry of Phyllo”

 Team Perfectly Sweet Paris
Team Perfectly Sweet Paris, wordsmiths on the go

And the Poisson d’Avril team below, comprising Jonathan, Vanessa, Jessa and Ben, produced an adorable ditty for Abraham van Beyeren’s Still Life with Carp, a 17th Century Dutch painting featured in these pages. Beyeren was a protege of a (lesser) still life painter with a fantastic name: Pieter de Putter. The clever fishermen below were granted bonus points a plenty for reading the small print and writing:

Pieter de Putter
Painted a Painting of Fish
And this looked de-lish

Poisson d'Avril rappers
Poisson d'Avril rappers

Winners of the 1 April Poisson d’Avril THATLou consisted of Colette Dillon Waldron, Mathieu Romary, Sasha Levenson-Wahl, of Savoir Faire Paris, and Sara Waldron, of Brunette à Bicyclette. As the theme was Fish + Water, they won a very fancy water gun, which I believe Sasha and Mathieu will be using indiscriminately on their adorable pooch. I hadn’t realised they, too, have a limerick (which shall be posted imminently). And just for the record I would like to state that I was not responsible for counting their score — I mention this as both Sasha and Sara have generously written THATLou up on their newsletter and blog, respectively.

Poisson d'Avril winners
Poisson d'Avril winners

Apologies for my fuzzy phone photos. If you have THATLou hunting shots you’d like included, please send them my way (And sorry I haven’t posted the ones I already have). At some point I’ll start a photo page at top (under “THATLou”), where you  can see former teams out on the prowl, in action or counting up their score.

Last, but certainly not least: A very big thanks to the following people who have written up THATLou in their newsletters and blogs (I shall figure out the hyperlink soon enough, but for now a cut and paste will have to do). Again, I shall start a “Reviews” page up under the THATLou tab. In any event, I greatly appreciate all of the generosity and help spreading the word of all of those below:

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