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THATRue Review

Group shot in front of Le Senat by Lindsey Kent, of Pictours Paris

The THATRue launch was an overall blast and the best 2-year THATLou Birthday Bash I could’ve hoped for. All of our adrenaline was pumped and spirits were bubbling by the time we regrouped for a drink near St Michel. While our blogging cohorts were swapping silliness from the hunt co-hosts Kasia Dietz, of Kasia Dietz Bags, Forest Collins, of The Chamber, and I were feverishly grading their hunts and tallying social media points.

Co-hosts Forest Collins and Kasia Dietz

Unfortunately, apart from naming participating Social Media big wigs, I didn’t get to write much about it prior to the event. Before listing hilarious team names, hunters and scores (and posting tons of photos), I’ll include some background that I should’ve made time for before THAT’s big expansion. And as I’m so behind, the day’s event has already been written about in these lovely places:

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photo credit, The Chamber


At the end of last year my husband and I worked feverishly, going á l’attaque on the labyrinthine streets of the Latin Quarter. We had a tall order in the form of getting 110 HS students (here from Aurora, Illinois to give a concert at La Madeleine) from Jardin du Luxembourg to Fontaine St Michel within one and a half hours. I’d known that sooner or later we’d need to expand THAT to the streets, from frequent requests by tourists participating in either THATLou or THATd’Or, but when that commission came through it got us well, off of the couch and onto the Rues of the Left Bank!

Philippe Auguste’s old walls of Paris, photo by Melanie Vaz of Gateaux Mama

With so many kids, and within such a small, rich swath of land (to walk it direct is under 2 KM or about 20 minutes) it was tricky to avoid having them overlap. We solved this by tripling our work, essentially, building three distinct hunts: one which wound its way over (and through) St Sulpice, another central hunt passing Cluny and La Sorbonne, and the third, longest one snaking its way around the Pantheon and past remnants of Philippe-Auguste’s medieval walls of Paris (at another junction from the above photo).

GeeParee22’s photo as Geni and Carina were joining us

I’m an only child, and this (sometimes unfortunate) fact is supremely evident in pretty much everything I do or have done (from the sports I chose in school – squash, skiing, ballet – to the mentality of games I prefer – chess and backgammon, opposed to charades, bridge or Pictionary, etc). The irony that I’ve built a whole company around the principle of collaborative effort and team-building is not lost on me. And the fact that el Argentino (my beloved) and I were capable of working so intensely together, and with such great results (those kids from Aurora hugged each other and us when they won their dinky Eiffel tower keychain prizes, they were so happy it tickled me pink) still amazes me.

photo by Abby Gordon of Paris Weekender, of Abigail and Alex of Set in Paris — posing as Romulus + the Wolf

Originally I was calling it THATLat, but clever Kasia pointed out that the Latin Quarter probably wasn’t going to be the only Street hunt we made. And so THATRue was born — which to an Anglo ear rhymes with THATLou (this very fact is incomprehensible to any Frenchman, who typically dismisses any lack of distinction between an OU and a U or UE as severely incompetent).

Photo credit: The Chamber

For the launch we used two of the three hunts (St Sulpice and Cluny), each hunt requesting some Social Media silliness requiring teams to interact with French culture, from singing Serge Gainsbourg to reciting – and personifying – Rimbaud’s poem Le Bateau Ivre (Drunken Boat), the whole poem of which is written on rue Ferou.  Frustratingly I can’t figure out how to upload videos onto this blog – had hoped to be able to post all of the really adorable Drunken Boat personifications, but alas, hunters’ dignity will remain intact thanks entirely to my computer ineptitude!

Winning Team 3 Musketeerettes: Elodie Berta, Danielle Alvarez, Faye Bullock, photo by The Chamber

The CLUNY Hunt

Winners of the enormously handsome Kasia Dietz hand-designed THATRue bag

(Scored out of 350)

Amici Miei (who in terms of points should have won, but were disqualified as they were cohosts. Nonetheless an enormous congratulations to their impressive 320 points, done in 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Kasia Dietz, Her Italian, and Erica Berman of HiP (Haven in Paris) Paris Wine Nymphs (the Winners of the Cluny Hunt, with 290 points in 1 hour and 24 minutes)

–        Abby Gordon of Paris Weekender, and Abigail de Bruyne & Alex of the Movie tours Set in Paris
The Drunk Unicorns (A close 2nd Place, with 290 points in 1 hour and 37 minutes)

–        Amy Feezor of M-Dashing, Aurelien Michaud of Urba Media, and Carina Okula of Carina Okula Photography Loonies Clunies (280 points in 1 hour and twenty two minutes

–        Geni of GeeParee22, Jacalyn of Après New York, Jennifer of Jennyphoria
WinePats (270 points in 1 hour and 17 minutes)

–        Thierry Givone who gives great Wine Tasting in Paris on a peniche, Tricia Rosas of Patricia Parisienne, Victoria Pickering of VictoriaInParis.

Forest photographing our feverish grading


Winners of 3 months trial membership to The Chamber and a lovely Gin n Tonic gift bag with stylish satchel

(Scored out of 300)

Danielle Alvarez of Danielle AbroadElodie Berta of the Paris Tourist Board, Faye Bullock, of Farfelue Gauche Girls (2nd Place St Sulpice Winners with 270 points in 1 hour and 14 minutes)

–        Lauren Lou Bate of Folies du Bonheur, Lilian Lau of Lil & Destinations, Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris 3 Muskateers (270 points in 1 hour and 17 mins, identical score and time as next team – bizarre!)

–        Noelie Viallet a Parisian journalist, Samantha Tucker and Sasha Romary, of Savoir Faire Paris and Paris Up Close and Personal Sorta Blondes (270 points in 1 hour and 17 mins, identical to the last team)

–        Mary Fox of Fox in Paris, Natasha Barr of Girls’ Guide to Paris, and Nichole Robertson of Obvious State Where is Mary Kay? (The only team who was at the disadvantage of having only two hunters)

–        Lisa Michaud of Ella Coquine and Lou Binns of LouLou in Paris La Bon Bourbonbons (Co-Hosting team, these clever things won the Social Media Prize by more than double others)

–        Forest Collins of The Chamber52 Martinis, Melanie Vaz of Gateaux Mama, Thibault Devillers of The Chamber

THATRue Launch
  • THATRue (Paris Street Hunts)

THATRue Launch

Containing my excitement over the THATRue Launch is inconceivable! Although the two treasure hunts aren’t entirely finished, I’ve had a ball adding in silly requests to personify fire or sway like a drunken boat, etc. I just hope everyone remembers that this weekend there’s a time change.

As some of you remember, I launched THATLou with the help of co-hosts Kasia Dietz and Forest Collins in March 2012, pitting teams of bloggers against each other on the race to find treasure at the Louvre. In the same vein, Kasia and Forest have generously lent their time and donated the game prizes to celebrate the company’s 2-year birthday with this THAT expansion to the streets of the Latin Quarter. Meant as a supplement and self-guided hunt on the Rues of Paris, you can see more on THATRue here.  For now I’ll leave you with a list of our fine hunters (team order will be alphabetically by first name, not by blog name):

Après New York

Carina Okula

Ella Coquine


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Fox in Paris

Danielle Abroad

Gateau Mama

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